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Piedmontese beef’s lower fat, cholesterol entices connoisseurs
Want the skinny on Piedmontese? Check out this excellent ABC news segment by Food Coach Lori Corbin by
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What?!? Red Meat Can Be Good For You???

100% Pure Piedmontese Beef Carpaccio featured at Cas Antica, Sarasota, FL
Red meat has historically beef a “No-No” or “just a few ounces per week” for individuals with cholesterol
concerns and others just interested in a heart-healthy diet. In fact, survey data shows that one of the
main reasons people avoid beef in their diet is the thought that it’s unhealthy and bad for your heart;
despite the fact that other surveys show most Americans report enjoying beef. Read the rest from a recent
article in Shape Magazine.
The good news… As of last year the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition announced that, according to 6
months of data collected through a test study, lean red meats can actually help lower bad cholesterol
levels. The idea is to eat beef that is very low in saturated fatand the USDA has helped us be able to buy
smarter by certifying 29 cuts as “healthy”. The article, “How to Buy Meat”, recommends cuts from the
round, sirloin, and chuck– all potentially very tasty and very when prepared properly– but what if you want
Short Ribs or a Ribeye Steak, can you have these and still be eating heart smart? Yes, as long as you are
eating the right breed.
Piedmontese beef is so low in saturated fat and cholesterol that ALL cuts are considered lean red meat. By
this standard, research proves you can have 4oz of Piedmontese Beef daily and experience a 10% decrease in
your bad cholesterol. In short, Pure Piedmontese is very good for you so eat up!