Petoskey — Pure Michigan

A December Winter Eve in Northern Michigan's Hidden Gem

A December Winter Eve in Northern Michigan’s Hidden Gem

It’s a tradition that many Michiganders share; going “Up North”, as close or far as your family travels, to experience the wonders of our lakes is just a part of life. We know the mitten like the back of our left hands but have we seen it all???

If you haven’t been we highly recommend. Go in summer, go in winter, just go! And go often. Petoskey is Pure Michigan at it’s finest. And while you are there, here’s a list of our favorite eats:


1. American Spoon — Family owned and operated since 1982, they have the best gelato outside of Italy. Try the Burnt Caramel, you’ll thank us! And go in hungry enough to sample all of their goodies, cakes, crumbles, and preserves because everything is out for tasting.

411 East Lake Street , Petoskey, MI 49770



2. Chandler’s — This 2014 Travelers’ Choice Winner is the preferred destination of locals and tourists. If you go in Winter (and we highly recommend you do) sit at the bar and have Christian make you his signature coffee drink– you won’t be disappointed, it is the most involved drink we have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Also, the Lentil soup is a MUST… crushed lentils, cumin, and goat cheese crostini. Its’s worth all $10.00. And the SUSHI… so good you would swear you’re in San Fran…

215 1/2 Howard Street, Petoskey, MI 49770



3. City Park Grill — this scratch kitchen has the best, most fresh, perfectly prepared white fish– EVER!! Nuff said 🙂

432 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI 49770-2439




Monty’s new friend


Vietnamese Pho Jerky– Lawless Beef Jerky
One of many award winning recopies by Matt Tolnick

Check out the following exciting editorial piece.


What started as a simply Kickstarter campaign has evolved into something most exciting !!!! We can’t wait to share our collaborative effort with our backers.

To get your very own taste of the first ever 100% Pure Piedmontese™ Jerky (made by Master Jerky Craftsman Matt Tolnick) check out ours and Lawless Jerky’s projects! We can’t wait for your feedback!!!

Launching… Our Boxed Burger
Check out our kickstarter campaign that launched today 🙂
The preseasoned burgers have been tasted and tweaked for 2 years now and we are finally ready to launch
Monty’s 100% Pure Piedmontese™ to markets everywhere.images

We chose kickstarter to help us with process because it’s more than a fundraising site. In 30 days we plan
to raise a little money (of course) but really we will be giving most of that away in value of prizes. The cool thing about kickstarter is that you can increase brand awareness

and grow anticipation while readying for a new product launch.
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It’s a really exciting site, and stop by our project page while you’re there. AND, keep this article by Forbes close by because it’s named the top 10 crowdfunding sites.