After working in the restaurant industry for years, Rachel had a passion for a better burger. She didn’t want just ANY burger, so she explored all her options and found the best beef was ‘pure’ Piedmontese. Rachel traveled to Italy in her quest for the best beef and was directed to Jerry from Eagle, Michigan.


Jerry raises 10th generation Piedmontese cattle. Since receiving his first heifer when he was thirteen, cows have been his life. Now 50 years later, his experience raising Piedmontese cattle has awarded him international recognition as the preeminent expert in Piedmontese ranching. So naturally, he was hesitant to partner with a ‘city slicker’ like Rachel. But Rachel was persistent and once Jerry heard that Rachel was so serious that she actually traveled to Italy to learn about Piedmontese cattle, he gave in and agreed to become her partner.


Jon loves building an idea and traveling the world for insight on how to execute it. He is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. After great success (several times) in Real Estate, he enjoys bringing a concept from idea to opening and has three successful concepts under his belt.

Jon & Rachel

In 2010, Rachel and Jon set out to start a restaurant company that would source local food with integrity. The concept of a better burger compelled Jon and Rachel to travel to Piedmonte, Italy. Their goal was to trace the origin of Piedmontese beef. In Italy, they found no cross-breeding of cows, no dilution in the quality of beef, and no inconsistency in the flavorful, lean meat. They also found a culture of healthy people, with low cholesterol, who indulge daily in amazing food and wine. Within one month, and with full support of Italian and American cattle associations, Monty's Beef Company was developed and continues to grow and serve 100% Pure Piedmontese™ beef on U.S. soil. ‘Eat Better Beef’ is Monty’s mantra for the best quality, highest integrity, locally grown, 100% Pure Piedmontese™ beef.