Monty’s Beef at Guns + Butter

100% Pure Piedmontese™ on the Guns + Butter menu created by Chef Craig Lieckfelt
Have you been to a pop-up dinner yet? Guns + Butter, the underground dining experience, has captured a cult
following and they’re not likely to have reservations anytime soon! Chef Craig utilizes only ingredients
found within 100miles of Detroit and Ann Arbor and the culinary results are euphoric. In a recent interview
with CBS Detroit Craig says:
“It’s exciting to cook for such a variety of guests,” said Leickfelt. “Sometimes people who would not
normally sit next to one another, they are, and it’s all because of food.”
We Can’t wait to return… Assuming we can get a reservation… TBC…


FACT: 14.5% of U.S. households in 2012 were food insecure.
FACT: 1 IN 6 Americans are affected by hunger, struggling to make ends meet and forced to go without food
for several meals or even days.
FACT: 3.9 million households in Michigan face hunger.
September is Hunger Action Month. Please visit Feeding American to find out who you can help make a
difference. Young, old, black, white, homeless, or not, hunger is EVERYONE’S problem

Los Angeles County– According to a report from Feeding America 26.6% of all children living in Los Angeles
County are reported to live in “Food Insecure Households.”