Meet Jerry!

Kim North Shine wrote a great article a few weeks back and we wanted to share it with you. The article
features Jerry, the farm, and the Monty’s Beef partnership. Check out this link to learn more!!

Jerry Feeds Treats to Loxie — if that’s not humane, what is?

What does it mean to be humane?

100% Pure Piedmontese™ raised according to Humane Practices
On the Monty’s Farm we make sure that our animals receive the best care in order to ensure the best quality
product. It is our belief that each animal deserves a kindness and dignity from birth and throughout its
lifecycle. A better life, sustainable practices, and free range farming, all equate to better beef for you
and your family.

“a humanely raised animal has been allowed to engage in natural behaviors, has had sufficient space,
shelter and gentle handling to limit stress, and eats a healthful diet without added antibiotics or

Check out this article from Time magazine and see what Foodies are saying about eating meat.
Monty’s Beef Company: 100% Pure Piedmontese™. 100% Humane.