• Piedmontese - is a breed of beef whose origin in the Italian Alps and is the focus of advanced food and wine cuisine in the Piemonte region of Italy. Italian diners have enjoyed Piedmontese beef for centuries because of its naturally lean properties and its tender texture. Because it is genetically superior to other North American breeds, Piedmontese beef is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, but still has the rich flavor of the more marbled, fatty cuts of beef.

  • Based on nutritional and genetic testing, Piedmontese beef has the fat and cholesterol content that compares to grilled chicken or salmon. With less than half the calories of Black Angus beef, Piedmontese steaks taste as flavorful and juicy as prime-aged beef.

  • Monty's Piedmontese is 100% Pure Piedmontese™. Other companies pass off mixes and breed down variations as Piedmontese. Our herd was imported from Italy and has been raised on a mid-Michigan farm. Each Piedmontese born on our farm is genetically tested to ensure 100% Pure Piedmontese™ quality.

  • Monty's Beef is full traceable from farm to fork and is a natural product, hormone free, raised humanely and ethically and is the highest quality Italian beef raised locally on American soil and has incredible tenderness and incomparable flavor.

  • Call 248.439.0895 to place your order, or click here to order online. Your Piedmontese beef will arrive at the location of your choice, specially sealed the capture the flavor and still frozen / refrigerated.

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Call 248.439.0895 to order 100% Pure Piedmontese™ or click here to place your online order.

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